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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who coaches the teams?

  • A: Coaches are volunteers. They are mostly parents. In some cases, they may be an individual who is interested in coaching but does not have a child on the team.  Each coach must pass a background check.

Q: Where are the games played?

  • A: Most games are played on Sundays at Costa Mesa High School. Some teams might play a few games at Edison High School.

Q:  When are practices?

  • A:  Practices are determined by your coach. Coaches will ask the parents what days work for them and try to accommodate at least 1 practice that every player can attend.

Q:  Why are practices held outdoors?

  • A:  Due to the lack of available gymnasium time at local schools, coaches must hold practices outside.

Q:  Can my child play up a division?

  • A:  Yes. They must go to the evaluation for both grades. Coaches and the league administrator will decide if it’s safe for that child to play.

Q:  When does the season begin and end?

A:  The first game for the winter season is December 4th, 2023, and ends on February 18th.

Q:  Do you have All-Star teams?

A:  Yes. All-Stars are voted in by the coaches. Teams are formed by grade and not by division. Tournaments start as soon as the season is over and are on weekends only. Teams could play up to 4 weeks depending if they win or not.

Q:  What are the grade levels/divisions for players?

  • A: The following levels of divisional play are available:

     Rookie's                          Grades K-1
     Division 4                       Grades 2
     Division 3                       Grades 3-4
     Division 2                       Grades 5-6
     Division 1                       Grades 7-8

Q: How does your Rookie program work (K-1st grade)?

Q: Can I request for my player to play with a friend?

  • A: Requests are taken and can be emailed to but are not guaranteed. Siblings in the same division will be automatically put on the same team unless a parent requests for them not to.

    Q: What size ball should my child practice with?
  • Rookies      - 25.5
  • Division 4    27.5
    Division 3 -  27.5
    Division 2 – 28.5
    Division 1 – 29.5